SQLSaturday is a free training event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Analytics. This event will be held on Feb 25 2012 at University of Curacao, 111 Jan Noorduynweg, Willemstad, Curaçao, AN5999, Netherlands Antilles

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Welcome to SQLSaturday #103

SQLSaturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server.This event will be held Feb 25 2012 at Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. Admittance to this event is free, all costs are covered by donations and sponsorships.   Please register soon as seating is limited, and let friends and colleagues know about the event.

Following links will be useful to plan your trip to Curacao for SQL Saturday.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Attractions:
Hotels and attractions : http://www.curacao.com/
Curacao Carnival info:  http://www.curacaocarnival.info/eng/index.php

Airline tickets:
Insel air : www.fly-inselair.com/       
American Air lines: www.aa.com

SQL PASS Curacao chapter website: http://curacao.sqlpass.org/

Why should you register for this event?

You might ask the question why this particular event? What is so special about this event? Let us try to answer these questions for you with another set of question. When was the last time that you lounged on a beach chair with an ice cold beer or a Pina Colada on one day and listening to presentations done by SQL Server experts? When was the last time you scuba dived one day and take a deep dive into the world of SQL Server the next day? When was the last time you took your family for a vacation and enjoy it with them and also learn about SQL Server?

This could be you instead of Jimmy May (@aspiringgeek) and his lovely bride. Dont waste this oppurtunity. Register yourself today itself and have fun while learning.

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