The Power of Custom Assemblies in Analysis Service

Speaker: Jens Vestergaard

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Track 4

Sometimes you are stuck with customer demands where common solutions just aren't scalable
within the Analysis Services (SSAS) regular toolbox. This is where custom
assemblies come to save the day!  Custom assemblies allow you to extend
the power of SSAS by using other technologies, as in this case T-SQL and the
SQL Server relational engine.

This session will demonstrate how to utilize custom assemblies in Analysis Services to leverage the
power of the relational engine and use it directly in MDX. Through the .Net
framework and T-SQL we will be able to inject dimension member unique names
into MDX. Effectively we are replacing the MDX Crossjoins with the T-SQL Inner
joins, whereby gaining scalability and consistency in query perfo

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