Lean BI Solutions w PowerPivot, Tabular & a Mullet

Brent Greenwood
60 minutes
Track 4
Business in the front. Party in the Back. The Mullet strikes a nice balance between "Classy" & "Outlaw". By applying this model to BI, we'll uncover ways to deliver solutions faster & more efficiently through Lean practices. This session is for anyone who needs to satisfy demanding customers that aren't quite sure what they want, but they need it NOW or they'll lose that critical deal & the world will end! We'll focus on sequencing deliverables and using PowerPivot prototypes that can be promoted to an AS Tabular model if/when needed. This process aims to minimize rework while striking a balance between delivering value fast with initial "Cowboy" efforts, and incrementally building a responsible, scalable, maintainable architecture.

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