Never Have to Say "Mayday!!!" Again

Mike Walsh
60 minutes
Prof. Dev
December 1978: 10 people die in a commercial airliner. Why? Bad troubleshooting skills and poor maintenance – disaster-causing attitudes. As you'll learn in this session, the doomed airliner ran out of fuel while the crew of three wasted time troubleshooting a false alarm. We can draw some parallels in the database world. Poor troubleshooting, disaster-causing attitudes, and a lack of disaster preparedness lead to needless downtime and serious user impact across our environments. In this session, we'll look at case studies of real-life aviation disasters and production database downtime incidents. We'll see similarities in attitudes that cause disasters. Come learn about the importance of preparation, troubleshooting, and teamwork. This will be an interactive session where we’ll pick apart disasters, engage in discussion around case studies, and leave prepared to change attitudes in ourselves and our colleagues and avoid disasters at work.

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