Take Your Data Global with Microsoft BI Data Explorer, GeoFlow, and Power View Maps

Greg Beaumont
60 minutes
Rapson 54
Business Intelligence has now been a global discipline for several years, and with new Microsoft tools you can now bring the globe to Business Intelligence. Microsoft Data Explorer for Excel 2013 enables you to access, harness, transform, and mash-up data like never before. Data that is separated by source type, format, location and more will be reviewed and mashed up in Data Explorer. GeoFlow is a new geospatial Business Intelligence tool which literally adds another dimension to data visualization. The power of GeoFlow to transform inanimate data into a story will be demonstrated. Power View for Excel 2013 has the capability to recognize geospatial data and create reports that integrate with Bing Maps, enabling global data BI report development from a desktop computer. The ease of use, intuitive design, and value of maps with Power View 2013 will be reviewed with some interesting examples leveraging publically available data. Take your data global…literally.

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