(SQL,SSIS,MDS) Adv Fuzzy Matching Roll Your Own

Ira Warren
60 minutes
Rapson 56
Fuzzy Matching, Similarity Matching or Record Linkage is the most critical and least understood process in any Data Warehouse, BI, Integration, Big Data , Data Quality, MDM , Social Network or integrating crap effort. Over at LinkedIn there is Group run by Henrik Liliendahl Sorensen for Data Matching, Bill Winkler, principal researcher at the US Census" has written a series of white papers on record linkage and particular a technique called "Blocking Indexs". In addition we wil cover William Cohen Research Professor, Machine Learning Department, Carnegie Mellon University white papers an implementations. Presented will be our collection of "real world" examples(Code) and you will leave a master of record linkage and the concepts behind it

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