Why are we Waiting..

Speaker: Neil Hambly

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Rapson 43

An in-depth session examining "Waits" happening in your SQL Servers, using the well-known "Waits & Queues" methodology. 

With particular focus in the session on understanding and interpreting the information found the (DMV) sys.dm_os_wait_stats, 
Taking note of which “Waits “with the highest counts or excessive wait times, as well as those which “Waits” can be safely ignored, 
We can discover those "performance hurdles" and ways to overcome or remove them, restoring your SQL Servers performance levels. 
By using established methodologies like “Waits & Queues”, we can systematically identify and remove performance

Previous Presented @ SQLBits 8 & 9 in UK  & @ SQLPASS Summit 2011 (310 Attendees) & SQLDay
And @ several UK User Groups

Accompanying Material

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