Demystifying BISM and Tabular Mode SSAS

Josh Fennessy
60 minutes
Track 3
With the release of SQL 2012, Analysis Services (SSAS) has seen some major changes. An entire new method of modelling analytic data has emerged and it's called Tabular Mode Analysis Services. In addition to that, a new semantic layer has been added to the tool, the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM), which will help to bring the two modes -- Multidimensional and Tabular -- into one level playing arena. In this session, attendees will gain understanding of what Multidimensional and Tabular modelling IS, as well as how the BISM layer helps to translate user requests to ensure no confusion is made. Attendees will also learn how to BUILD a Tabular model, and will help design a solution live during the presentation.

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