Building to scale: Overcoming Performance Hurdles

David Curlewis
60 minutes
Track 1
In this session I'll be using a fictional auction website's database (which I've created for demonstration purposes) to take an accelerated look at what a typical web-scale database application's performance pain points might be as it grows, both in size and load. We'll simulate some users, monitor some stuff, see what breaks, and then fix it. This will include some basic design and indexing best practices to kick things off - but we'll quickly move on to more interesting options for getting the most out of SQL Server under load. Time allowing, I'll also do some demo's on the impact that SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP (i.e. Project Hekaton) tables have compared to our previous best efforts in 2012, and whether natively compiled stored procs will give us any additional zing as well!

Accompanying Material

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