A World Where All Data Has a Place to Live: Centralizing Distributed Reference Data

Shane Risk
60 minutes
Room C
Have you ever started work on a project only to find that one of your key reference datasets is only available in a spreadsheet on somebody's desktop? Even worse, you've probably run into situations where key data elements are 'common knowledge' amongst the business users, but don't even exist in a spreadsheet. Take heart. Using Master Data Services (MDS) we now have an effective solution to this problem that has plagued IT for years, without having to create a custom solution. In this session you will learn the basics of MDS, and how it can be used to easily create a home for the homeless data on your latest project. Also, learn how Data Quality Services integration can be used to detect duplicate records, and perform cleansing operations. Don't get hung up trying to build a custom solution to house homeless reference data during your next project. Join this session and learn how to use MDS so you can deliver your project on time and on budget.

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