How to Create a Self-Managed SQL Server Utility without SQL Server Enterprise Edition

Carl Berglund
60 minutes
7. Admin & Tools
Learn how to make your next SQL Server deployment or tech refresh the basis of a consolidated, elastic, self-managed SQL Server utility. This session will help you understand how to build a highly available SQL Server farm to maximize flexibility and agility while avoiding the traps that force you to SQL Server Enterprise Edition.Are you currently dealing with…• Standards that force the most expensive software stack? • High licensing and yearly subscription costs associated with vendor lock-in?• Multiple deployment models that increase project complexity and dependencies while reducing your flexibility and agility? Wouldn’t you like to...• Reduce the cost of both SQL Server licensing and infrastructure?• Have a single operational model that solves all deployment requirements?• Deploy the edition of SQL server that best solves the business problem without being forced to Enterprise Edition?

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