Let's PowerBI Denmark with Big Data!

Speaker: Jen Stirrup

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Gorm

In this fun session, we will use Microsoft's Big Data and PowerBI tools to learn about Denmark! We will mix and mashup data from a variety of sources such as 'The Spirit Level' by Prof Richard Wilkinson, UNICEF, the World Bank and even the CIA to learn more about Denmark.
BI and BA professionals need to tackle ever-increasing sources of data that are increasing in volume, velocity and variety. Let's look at fun example of global data about Denmark to look at common data storytelling by BI and BA professionals: analysing open data with varying degrees of data quality, business puzzles vs business mysteries, and deciding on which chart or graph to use when presenting data.
If the 'too much data, too little information' scenario is familiar, then come to this session, which isn't just for the international visitors who come to SQLSaturday Copenhagen every year - like myself! Uncover surprising facts as we mashup, slice and dice the data, and look at Big Data and Data Visualisation

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