Here is our schedule for the upcoming event. We've done our best to provide a good mix of topics and skill levels, we hope you'll find something of interest throughout the day. Our thanks to the speakers listed below for volunteering their time, we couldn't do it without them. If there are schedule changes we will make them here as they happen. We encourage you to check back a few days before the event just in case we have had to move one of your favorite sessions.

Note: Some speakers alternately upload their sessions to their own blog sites, which you can locate their site when you click on their session below.

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Submitted Sessions

Here is the list of sessions submitted so far. Our goal is to feature as many different speakers and topics as possible, but space limitations prevent us from accepting every session. This list is also a great way for those thinking about speaking to see what might be on the agenda and enter a session that doesn't collide with an existing one.

10 Things Every DBA Should Know!John MorehouseBeginner
10 Ways To Abuse T-SQLTracy McKibbenBeginner
5 Ways to Improve Performance through IndexingJason StrateIntermediate
Achieve Index Feng Shui in SQL ServerChris ShawIntermediate
Advanced Processor Selection for SQL Server 2012/2014Glenn BerryIntermediate
Advanced Spatial Analysis: Beyond Bubble ChartsJason HornerAdvanced
Analyzing I/O Subsystem PerformanceGlenn BerryIntermediate
Automating a Partition Switching StrategyRobert SmithAdvanced
Battle of the Finch BotsJeff RenzBeginner
Beginning Automation with PowershellAmy HeroldBeginner
Best Frenemies -- How to Handle the Query OptimizerMatt WigdahlBeginner
BI Basics - Finding Return on DataAllen SmithBeginner
Branding Yourself for a Dream JobSteve JonesBeginner
Build ETL in 30 minutes or less with SSIS Zane BrunetteBeginner
Building a Better WorkstationSteven WakeBeginner
But it worked great in Dev! Perfomance for DevsRandy KnightBeginner
Can you check on the database?Tristan WilsonBeginner
Capture Change and Apply it With Change Data Capture & SSISSteven WakeIntermediate
ColumnStore Indexes in SQL 2014Allen SmithIntermediate
Common T-SQL Patterns Affecting SQL Server PerformanceJason StrateIntermediate
Concurrency and Asynchronous Processing in SQL ServerBill GrazianoIntermediate
Continuous Integration for DatabasesSteve JonesIntermediate
Converting Unreliable Deployments Into Consistent ReleasesTom NormanIntermediate
Critical Incident Debrief; Verbal Judo for the DBARuss ThomasNon-Technical
Dashboards - More Than One Way To Visualize DataJeff RenzBeginner
Data Modeling 101Leslie WeedBeginner
Data Vault Data Warehouse ArchitectureJeff RenzIntermediate
Date and Time Dimensions for Every Day and Time in No TimeSteven WakeIntermediate
DBA 911 - Database CorruptionDavid MaxwellBeginner
DBA Career RoadmapJennifer McCownBeginner
Designing Stored Procedure SolutionsJennifer McCownBeginner
Dimensional Modeling Design Patterns: Beyond BasicsJason HornerIntermediate
DIY Performance ReportingSean McCownIntermediate
Dr. DMV's Troubleshooting ToolkitGlenn BerryIntermediate
Dysfunctional FunctionsTracy McKibbenBeginner
Easy SQL Server BenchmarkingDavid KleeBeginner
Fill Factor: Performance or Nuisance?WIlliam BarnesIntermediate
Fun with Availability GroupsChristopher WolffBeginner
Geekin’ Out on Extended Events -Deconstructing the system_health session to solve performance issuesJanis GriffinIntermediate
Get Testing with tSQLtSteve JonesBeginner
Get to Know HDInsight and Start Mining Big DataCarlos BossyBeginner
Getting started with Big Data and BICarlos BossyBeginner
Getting Started with Execution PlansJason KassayBeginner
Hadoop DistilledScott ShawIntermediate
How to Argue with Your Infrastructure Admins – and WinDavid KleeBeginner
How to Talk HardwareTristan WilsonIntermediate
I’m New, Select Me!Tom NormanBeginner
Increase your SSIS productivity with BimlReeves SmithIntermediate
Introduction to Execution PlansNathan HeaivilinBeginner
Introduction to Powershell cmdlets for DBAsJennifer McCownBeginner
Introduction to Predictive ModelingCarlos BossyBeginner
It is TEMPDB, Why Should You Care?Tim RadneyIntermediate
Know Backups and Know RecoveryTim RadneyIntermediate
Locks, Blocks, and Deadlocks Oh My!Randy KnightIntermediate
Make SQL Server Management Studio Bark Like a DogRuss ThomasIntermediate
Making the Leap from Developer to DBAAmy HeroldBeginner
Managing SQL Server Performance with Extended EventsJason StrateIntermediate
Master of All I Survey - track code changes and more across your environmentMichael BourgonIntermediate
Natural Born Killers, performance issues to avoidRichard DouglasIntermediate
NULL: A Love StoryJK WoodBeginner
Only You Can Prevent Database Fires!John MorehouseBeginner
Outages; Dispatchers, Cops and DetectivesChris ShawBeginner
Pig\Hive - All That's New is Old AgainScott ShawIntermediate
Policy Based Management, Trolls and WatchmakersTom NormanBeginner
Read Dirty to Me - Isolation Levels/User ImpactWendy PastrickBeginner
Recipe for a happy DBAJason HallBeginner
Recognizing the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) WorkloadJason StrateIntermediate
REGEX for DBAsSean McCownIntermediate
Sanity Testing Your DataJK WoodIntermediate
Scaling the relational modelChase AucoinIntermediate
Searching Binary Data in SQL Server 2012Steve JonesIntermediate
Self Service Pitfalls David OrtizBeginner
Service Broker and Why you should care!Nathan HeaivilinBeginner
Service Broker: The Queue ContinuumEd Leighton-DickIntermediate
So you want to be a Consultant?Allen SmithBeginner
Social Networking Is Alive!!!John MorehouseBeginner
SQL Security Best Practices & Shrinking Your Attack SurfaceMatthew BrimerIntermediate
Sql Server Architectures for World DominationTristan WilsonIntermediate
SQL Server Databaseology 201: A Study of Database InternalsJohn MorehouseIntermediate
SQL Server Features That Will Blow Your Mind!Ed Leighton-DickBeginner
SQL Server Virtualization 101David KleeBeginner
SSIS 2012 Management Considerations and Best PracticesRushabh MehtaIntermediate
Storage problems and solutionsTristan WilsonBeginner
Strategies for SQL Server Index AnalysisJason StrateIntermediate
Subqueries for SuperheroesTracy McKibbenBeginner
Table Partitioning 101Robert SmithIntermediate
Tabular ModelsJeff RenzBeginner
Tabular vs Multidimensional. Lets build it together!Lance KolieBeginner
TempDB Parasites!Jason HallIntermediate
Temporary Query Items and YouJK WoodIntermediate
The Big Backup TheoryRichard DouglasIntermediate
The Day After Tomorrow: Why you need to baselineRichard DouglasBeginner
The Encryption PrimerSteve JonesBeginner
The Fundamentals of Great SQL Query PerformanceMatt WigdahlBeginner
The Top Customer Problems: How to avoid calling BobBob WardIntermediate
There May Be No Free Lunch But You Can Have Free TrainingMeagan LongoriaNon-Technical
Tricks from the DBA Inbox: Real World Performance TuningJason HornerBeginner
Troubleshooting the Memory of SQL ServerBob WardAdvanced
T-SQL Code Sins Jennifer McCownBeginner
T-SQL Window Function PerformanceKathi KellenbergerAdvanced
Twice in a Lifetime: T-SQL Refactoring 101Mike DonnellyBeginner
Understanding SQL Server XML Features Randy KnightIntermediate
Understanding the SQL Server Transaction LogRandy KnightIntermediate
Understanding Transaction Isolation LevelsRandy KnightIntermediate
Using Tabular and Power View to Analyse Perfmon DataScott ShawIntermediate
Visual Studio Database Projects and Database DeploymentJason KassayBeginner
Visualizing Your Indexes - Science vs ArtWendy PastrickBeginner
Wait watchers - Gain Performance Increases Fast! Richard DouglasBeginner
Writing Better T-SQL Queries with Window FunctionsKathi KellenbergerIntermediate
XEventaphobia: It's time to conquer your fearRuss ThomasBeginner
XPath - XQuery; I guess if I HAVE toRuss ThomasBeginner
Yesterday I Couldn’t Even Spell ‘DBA’.Larry ToothmanBeginner
You Inherited a Database, Now What?Tim RadneyBeginner
Your First Week as a SQL Server DBASteve JonesBeginner

Suggested Sessions

Thinking about participating as a speaker but no ideas for the topic? Often our attendees will have an idea for you! Or, submit a suggestion of your own.

Suggested Session TitleSkill Level
Building ETL in 30 minutes or less with SSIS Beginner
Building ETL in 30 minutes or less with SSIS Beginner

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