Life Lessons in Communication

Tom Roush
60 minutes
Communicating. We all do it, every day. But can you do it better? You present to management, share with peers, advise your direct reports. A common thread of success or failure here is how well you get your message across. Can you share bad news and soften the blow with humor while respecting the nature of the news you have to deliver? Can you support your direct reports when they make a very human mistake? Do you know how you communicate your support without micromanaging them can make a huge difference in the quality of their work for years to come? These questions and more will be answered, with stories, with humor, and with experience (both good and bad). Once you've figured these things out, how do you communicate your own skills to the world? After attending, you’ll be on the road to better, more direct communication, whether it’s with your management, your peers, or your reports.

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