Enter the Dragon: Running SQL 2014 on Windows Server Core

Mark Broadbent
60 minutes
In 1982 the Dragon32 entered the home computer market but unfortunately there was one small problem ...lower-case letters were almost impossible to access. Two years later Dragon was no more. In 2008 Microsoft released ServerCore providing a fast and streamlined (but reduced functionality) edition of Windows with minimal GUI support and with Windows 2012/R2 Server Core is "by default". Ever since SQL 2012, installation onto Server Core became a "supported" option and meant the single biggest administrative shift for a DBA since the release of SQL 2005 ...or did it? In this exciting session we will discuss administration, configuration and installation of both SQL 2014 and ServerCore in both standalone and advanced AlwaysOn configurations but will the lack of GUI support send Server Core in the same direction as the Dragon32 or spell a bright new beginning for Server based computing and SQL Server? Join me, and this time, listen to the Dragon roar!

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