The first step towards continuous integration for SQL Server

Speaker: Alex Yates

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: Other

Continuous integration (CI) is a development practice that has become widely adopted for the application layer because it allows teams to detect problems quickly and locate errors more easily. By regularly integrating code into a shared repository and automatically verifying it you'll build confidence in your code.

But database CI continues to be a painful, manual process in many projects. Redgate supports developers through the first steps in setting up databases CI and in this session, I will show you:

-How easy it is to get your SQL Server database changes in source control using Redgate’s SQL Source Control.
-How to set up an automated build process for your databases using the DLM Automation Suite and Team City.
-How this process helps you spot and fix errors quicker.
-How to produce an artifact you can use for reliable, repeatable deployments in the future.

One lucky session attendee will also win a licence of SQL Source Control.

Accompanying Material

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