Memory-Optimized tables - Querying at the speed of light

60 minutes
One of Microsoft SQL Server 2014’s big features was the all new In-Memory OLTP (or Hekaton) addition to the SQL Server engine. Microsoft estimates a query performance increase of 5-to-20 times by just putting your disk-based tables into the RAM of your server! If we can gain that much of a performance increase that easily, then why aren’t Memory-Optimized tables the default go-to solution for all your performance problems? Because, of-course, it isn’t as easy as just a drag-and-drop to move your tables from disk into memory… Transforming your disk-based tables to Memory-Optimized tables takes careful planning and a good understanding of the limitations and restrictions of In-Memory OLTP. In this demo-filled session, we will take a look underneath the hood of Memory-Optimized tables, helping you with the first steps towards light speed querying!

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