Lets cook SQL Server Management practices for the Non-DBA [TBA]

60 minutes
DBA trade is still in-demand and will remain as long as databases are alive! If you are an average IT person/Developer/SysAdmin who has been managing development and databases in your organisation, now you want to manage SQL Server databases using tricks of DBA trade and you've got no idea what to do with it! In this session we will overview range of topics that every DBA handles, such as: backup/restore strategy, high availability, scalability and performance tuning. We will touch base on how best SQL Server technology will offer home-grown tools to keep your BAU tasks. Not giving opportunity of riding a super-duper car, but best learning techniques on how to manage your SQL Server database and make it efficient enough to run like a fast car on performance aspects. You will get o know what is needed to get that new features to implement, how best they can fit in. All the examples and demos in this session are originated from real-world work from my Consulting experience.

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