9 secrets to independent consulting success

Brian Moran
60 minutes
Professional Development
Are you an independent consultant focused on Microsoft data or aspire to become one? Maybe you have a few partners or are considering joining forces with friends? This session is for you. My 25 years of consulting experience include 15 years working for myself or with partners. This session explores the top lessons I’ve learned over that time. This session doesn’t cover marketing or SME topics. We explore top tips related to most everything else you must know to achieve success as an IC including: • Common reasons IC’s fail. • Customer satisfaction and happiness. • Formal and informal partnerships. • Legal stuff 101. • Bookkeeping, finance and cash flow. • Taxes and entity structures. • Building equity in your business. • Work life balance. We often learn the most from our mistakes. 25 years of mistakes has made me an IC expert. Attending this session will shave years from your learning curve.

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