How I Became a BIML Believer

Carla Sessions
60 minutes
A year ago at SQL Saturday #285 in Atlanta I was introduced to BIML for the first time. Leaving the session, I thought that it was a good tool for some small use cases; I could not have been more wrong. A few months later, I had a chance to use it on a project that made me believe in the true power of BIML. In this session, my mentor on the project, and I will share what I learned in the project, and how you can have a few less growing pains on your way to becoming a BIML Believer. Here is some of what we will cover: 1. How to import data from a flat file, and auto generate tables, views and SSIS packages based on metadata 2. Utilizing metadata stored in a database 3. Using BIML as a metadata store 4. How to use BIML Annotations 5. Helpful BimlScript extension methods 6. Consolidating code with include files 7. Helpful uses of C# Linq within BimlScript All of the code and techniques in this session can be used with the free BIDS Helper add-in found on

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