Clustered Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2014

Speaker(s)Dave Fackler

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: DBA

SQL Server 2012 introduced columnstore indexing but with one major drawback -- columnstore indexes were not updateable.  Thus, adopting them to improve data warehousing (or other) query patterns took careful planning and quite a bit of management.  SQL Server 2014 introduces clustered columnstore indexes that are now fully updateable!  During this session, we'll take a look at how clustered columnstore indexes work, what implications exist for using them, and how the update process is handled.  We'll also take a look at what management and maintenance operations are required to keep clustered columnstore indexes performing optimally.  Anyone with a large data warehouse environment (or even an OLTP or ODS database with very large tables) will definitely want to attend!  

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