Memoirs of Building a 150 GB (and growing) SSAS Tabular Model

Jason Thomas
60 minutes
Tabular models are an automatic choice for many customers with their in-memory capabilities and state-of-the-art data compression algorithms. Many of the models end up being 50 GB or lesser, achieving compression of 10 to 100x the database size. But if we ask many of the industry experts on what would be a safe size range for a tabular model performance wise, the most common answer is "It Depends". Join me as I take you through my journey of trying to find an answer to that. Watch and learn all the processes and rationale behind building this huge tabular model starting from size estimations and hardware selections. Contemplate on the design decisions (especially on the Multidimensional vs Tabular) and off-the-road architecture trying to balance Processing and Query performance. Watch out for some performance optimizations and development tips & tricks you definitely do not want to miss on while working on a huge tabular model. Above all, see the performance statistics for yourself!

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