Closing the SSIS Package Management Story with BIPS

Jim Christopher
60 minutes
Existing SSIS automation solutions are focused on forward-motion activities: creating packages and pushing them to the server. Little or no thought is given to the management of the packages once they are in production - existing tooling offers nothing to help you understand and manage a live, money-printing ETL workflow based on SSIS packages. BIPS is an open source project that allows you to manage a live SSIS package tree from PowerShell. It closes the automation loop, providing the ability to learn and discover the features of an existing package deployment tree as well as manipulate it. In short, the goal of BIPS brings a devops perspective to managing your SSIS packages. In this session, you will learn how to leverage BIPS in your own environment. Specific attention will be given to searching and filtering tasks and data flows on arbitrary criteria and manipulating specific parts of the ETL workflow from the shell.

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