SSIS Unit and Integration Testing with the Open Source BEST project

Scott Currie
60 minutes
Testing is critical to managing a high-quality data lifecycle. Unfortunately, SSIS has no built-in support for test authoring and the tools for relational database testing are limited. As a result, most organizations forgo automated testing and focus entirely on manual user testing, which is both expensive and often occurs too late in the process to address all of the issues discovered. Biml Enabled SSIS Test (BEST) [] is an open source framework that enables users to define unit and integration tests for SSIS packages using your choice of database tables, Excel files, or XML. In this session, you will learn how to use BEST to author your SSIS tests and how to use free open source tools to report and visualize test results as part of your existing production processes. Note that while BEST is implemented using Biml, you do not need to learn Biml to use it.

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