Eating The Elephant; A DBA's Guide to Hadoop & Big Data

60 minutes
Big Data & Data Science
You're a SQL Server DBA working at Contoso and your boss calls you out of your cubicle one day and tells you that the development team is interested in implementing a Hadoop-based solution to your customers. She wants you to help plan for the implementation and ongoing administration. Where do you begin? This session will cover the foundations of Hadoop and how it fundamentally differs from the relational approach. The goal is to provide a map between your current skill set and "big data.” Although we will talk about basic techniques for querying data, the focus is on basic understanding of how Hadoop works, how to plan for growth, and what you need to do to start maintaining a Hadoop cluster. Additional discussion will cover the complementary nature of Hadoop and SQL Server. Examples and demos will highlight basic query tools, including transferring data to and from SQL Server.

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