Girl, Interrupted: Supporting Women's Voices - Sponsored by Intellinet

Rie Irish
Professional Development
Next time you attend a meeting, watch what happens when females at the table offer ideas. If your office is like most in America, you’ll notice females are interrupted almost three times as often as their male counterparts. Some interruptions are to assert dominance but sometimes people do it to be helpful & offer affirmation. Regardless of the intent, the results are the same. Women are being left out of the conversation. The consequences are real. Male executives that speak more frequently in meetings are rewarded with 10% higher competence ratings from peers & better performance reviews from bosses. This translates into $ when raises and bonuses are handed out. This group discussion will cover positive solutions that help women’s voices be heard. Women need to be more assertive. We need to learn to say “Stop interrupting me.” and “I just said that.” However, men can be, no HAVE to be, part of the solution. They can help women become part of the conversation.

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