Get Control of your Database Development with SQL Server Database Projects

Jacob Appleton
60 minutes
Database Development
Is your database development process as mature, automated and repeatable as your other code development processes? Do you have source control, builds, unit tests and automated deployments as part of your database software development lifecycle? Or instead, do you have some change scripts saved somewhere and rely on your DBAs to hit F5 on the correct scripts in the correct database? The client services IT team at Orbis is coming to the end of an ambitious project to refactor a large legacy codebase. Like many organisations, we had a lot of business logic in our database layer and didn't have much of a software development lifecycle process to keep it under control. This talk will demonstrate the process we took to implement SQL Server Data Tools Database Projects, how that enabled us to get control of our database development, and how easy it is for you to start getting control of your database development too.

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