Paying Down Technical Debt - Consolidating Data Marts

Todd McDermid
60 minutes
Data Warehousing
Technical debt creeps in to every project - One form of technical debt I've had to attack recently was a runaway group of data marts. As the first marts were created, they were truly independent. Keeping projects independent allowed implementation teams to work in parallel. In some cases, new projects leveraged existing marts and built upon them. Unfortunately, this went on too long without coordination. There are now tens of marts with unknown dependencies between them, and significant duplication of data. Further development is paralyzed by fear of unknown consequences, but increasing data volumes require change to meet SLA windows. So how do you get from spaghetti code to a more manageable Kimball style Data Warehouse Bus? Simple tools within SQL Server (views and schemas) partnered with conforming ETL to consistent practices are getting us there. Come see what we're doing that works - and share some of your own successes too!

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