Hardware for Nothing, Get Your Flash for Free—Optimized Data Center Econ

J May
60 minutes
Lunch Sessions
SQL Server licensing is complex—& expensive. Consolidating on Flash provides savings of hundreds of thousands *per server*. A contemporary commodity two-socket server costs around $10K; SQL licenses for that server cost $200K to $300K or more. An idle CPU isn't doing nothing—it's burning money. You paid for your licenses, learn how to leverage them fully by leveraging Flash. Whether upgrading to leverage the latest-&-greatest SQL Server features or to maintain support owing to the Windows Server 2003 & SQL Server 2005 EOL events, or consolidating strictly for economics, learn about real-life examples in which SanDisk has collaborated with our customers to save up to millions—& learn how you can educate your engineers & CxO's so you can do the very same thing. Doing so not merely covers your server & Flash hardware budget, you'll have piles of money left over—and an even bigger pile when you stop paying for SAN maintenance. Standardize to optimize! Move electrons not molecules!

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