10 Handy Tips On SQL Server Dates

Julie Koesmarno
60 minutes
Database Development
Are you working with an application supporting different time zones and international date formats? How does your choice of storing date / time values differ if you are using Windows Azure SQL Database instead of on-prem SQL Server database? Did you know that SQL Server Database Engine, Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services (SSAS) all have slightly different date / time data types? How can you bullet proof your system for the ever growing data in your organization with much more date and time data to come? With time being the one thing that constantly changes, date and time calculations are widely used and essential to all business transactions. Yet, most systems only use one or two date data types; Is this a wise decision? Quite often data retrieval relating to a period of time does performs poorly, or worst of all, is not accurate. These 10 tips will help you bridge the gap, and provide the techniques to build bulletproof systems the users demand and DESERVE!

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