Tracing with Extended Events – Top Features

Andreas Wolter
60 minutes
1 - DBA
Extended Events, which entered the product in SQL Server 2008, are replacing the old SQL Trace & Profiler - and there are many good reasons for that. In this session MCM + MCSM Andreas Wolter will demonstrate a selection of the most fascinating possibilities using this Tracing Framework. If you want to find out how to trace in a flexible and lightweight way, get a callstack for further analysis within the Debugger, how to do advanced analysis directly inside the GUI, how to audit Database and Table-access with Standard edition, analyze deadlocks without old-fashioned TraceFlags based on the built-in system_health session, this session is just for you. Having started my lectures on Tracing with Extended Events in 2012 under the slogan “Hasta la vista, Profiler”, I hope to convince the last one, to kick Profiler out of the door.

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