Shadow prediction: SQL 2014 spatial data types and astronomy well mixed

Arne Bartels
60 minutes
In the Wind turbine industry it is often desirable to know where a wind turbine casts its shadow as it can case annoyance to neighbours. This session is supposed to be a more entertaining then practical exercise to combine scarsely used data types in unusual fashion, combined with a bit of astronomy and math, to calculate and visualize the relationship between sun and wind turbine purely by using SQL2014 Management Studio. The calculation of the daily path of a shadow can be seen as a rather complex three-dimensional problem. By turning around the perspective and 'painting' the picture of turbines in the sky this can be decribed as a much simpler two-dimensional problem on a sphere. For this the geography data type will be used and in turn the richness of its functionality demonstrated. Even a sufficient visualisaton is included in SSMS 2014. Apart from 2-3 formulas everything will be handeled in SQL and no complex math is needed.

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