Introduction to Azure DocumentDB

Leonard Lobel
Azure DocumentDB is a new highly-scalable NoSQL database platform on Microsoft Azure, designed as a fully managed cloud service for modern web and mobile applications. Like other NoSQL platforms, DocumentDB supports schema-free designs, and scales across replicas with fast write performance and eventual consistency. But DocumentDB also offers several unique features that make it a compelling candidate for NoSQL scenarios, which you will learn about in this session. The platform is based on HTTP/REST, embraces JSON as a standard document format, and is supported by a wide range of SDKs for .NET, JavaScript, Java, Python, and Node.js. Without defining any index paths, new documents are queryable within milliseconds, using SQL grammar or LINQ. Learn these and other capabilities, including server-side JavaScript-based stored procedures, user-defined functions, triggers, tunable consistency, and more.

Accompanying Material

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