PowerShell - Jump from simple scripts to advanced functions

Speaker: Cláudio Silva

Duration: 70

Track: Other

Have you ever thought to take your PowerShell scripts to the next level? And if by doing so they become more robust and reusable?
In this session we will convert a simple PowerShell script in an advanced function and we will explore what we gain with this transformation.

Among others we will see how: 
 - Create / import modules from functions; 
 - Take advantage of: 
    - Input by pipeline; 
    - Common parameters to cmdlets as "Verbose", "-ErrorAction" and "-WarningAction"; 
    - Risk mitigation parameters as "-WhatIf" and "-Confirm"; 
    - Help

We will also see in action a set of functions that are designed to automate and save time on real cases of everyday life of a DBA.

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