SQL Server & Power BI Geographic and Temporal Predictions

Dejan Sarka
90 minutes
Data Science
Data science, predictive analytics, insights, statistics… There are so many buzzwords around these days. These words are frequently used in an introduction to some technical article, at the beginning of a presentation, and even in regular talk. However, when it comes down to a real analysis, you typically get reports with very nice Power BI graphs, but without real forecasting. It is up to you to recognize the patterns and then probably make some kind of interpolation by yourself. Data mining is the part that is based on statistics and can really make forecasts automatically. Data mining is part of SSAS installed in multidimensional mode. Is it possible to get the best from both words? This advanced session explains the forecasting algorithms and shows how you can integrate geographic and temporal predictions in Power View and Power Map visualizations and interactive animations. Popular buzzwords finally get some real meat behind them.

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