Debugging SQL Server

60 minutes
Database Adminstration
When you were young, did you enjoy taking things apart to look at their inner workings? If you did, or still do, this session might be just the thing for you! Combining SQL Server internals with our curiosity on how things work, we will take a look underneath the hood of SQL Server by debugging it. In this session we will debug the various parts of SQL Server using WinDbg. I’ll show you how to setup, configure and use WinDbg to extract information from a running SQL Server process. We will take a look at the various dump files that record information when a SQL Server crash occurs, capturing valuable information on why SQL Server crashed. And finally, I will demonstrate how you can use Extended Events to create dump files when specific conditions occur, helping you learn more about why they occur. Don't worry if you are not a programmer. We will go through this session at a relaxed pace without causing (too many) headaches!

Accompanying Material

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