Flying Through the Clouds--Performance Tuning in Azure

Joseph D'Antoni
60 minutes
So between your management and Microsoft, it’s been decided that you are moving your SQL Server workloads to the cloud. Whether it’s Microsoft Azure SQL Database or running SQL Server in a VM, there are unique performance tuning challenges that are different in a cloud environment. Just like when you moved your SQL Servers from physical to virtual environments, you will learn new techniques for tuning workloads. In this session you will learn about: • Optimizing TempDB in an Azure VM • Reducing latency between application VMs and database VMs • Right sizing Azure VMs for performance and cost • Striping I/O across devices in Azure VMs • Performance Tuning in Azure DB You will learn about techniques that will not just improve your system performance, but save you company money, which can be easily quantified just in time for your performance review.
A basic understanding of performance tuning methodology in SQL Server.

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