Data Integration with Master Data Services

Speaker: Reeves Smith

Duration: 75

Track: BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

Master Data Services (MDS) enables the management of non-transactional data that defines business entities within the enterprise. Get a good business and technical understanding of how MDS can help obtain better business clarity across the organization through a Data Governance strategy. Data Governance is a methodology that represents quality, policies, and process management, in relation to handling your enterprise data. 
The session will demonstrate the architecture of a Master Data Management solution and the data integration required to implement it within the enterprise.
In this session, you will learn:
* A brief introduction to Master Data Management and Data Governance
* Master Data Management staging architecture
* Data integration with the entity-based staging tables
* Batch processing to move data in the MDS specific tables
* Publishing data to external systems with subscription views and web services

Accompanying Material

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