Optimizing desktop Power Pivot models using Power Query

Ken Puls
60 minutes
Business Intelligence
You know the scene; you’ve built a beautiful Power Pivot model that has solved all of your organization’s problems. You open it up, click Refresh and wait patiently for all the data to stream in. That’s okay, there’s a lot of data and you expect that. Then you click a slicer and… wait… Time during the initial data load is one thing, but consumer’s patience during use is another. Their tolerance for latency is much less. In this session we’ll explore the things you can do to increase your Power Pivot model performance. We’ll look at the key factors that affect performance, as well as the things you can do to deal with them. In addition, we’ll look at how sourcing your data with Power Query can give you ultimate control over your data’s size and shape, and tricks to optimize it for Power Pivot consumption.

Accompanying Material

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