Power BI is Awesome!

Steve Wake
60 minutes
Business Intelligence
Microsoft has changed its Business Intelligence strategy in the last few years from an IT centric approach with SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server Analysis Services to an end-user ad-hoc approach with Power BI. Initially the Power BI tools were all separate add-ons to Excel 2010+ that you had to know where to get them and install/activate them individually. Now with new Power BI product announcements and Power BI Designer, the full vision of these once separate tools is becoming more clear and cohesive as an end-user ad-hoc analysis and reporting tool. In this demo heavy session you will see how Power BI is now a much more complete solution and how it can change how you deliver analysis and reporting to anyone in your company. Demos will include using Power BI Designer to pull in data from multiple sources and repeatable transformations to clean usable data and build interactive reports and dashboards.

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