A Journey into Azure Machine Learning with R

Leila Etaati
60 minutes
Machine Learning is a subfield of computer science which is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. Azure Machine Learning is a valuable tool that can be employed by data scientists with different skill levels. Azure ML also supports R and Python custom code, which can be dropped directly into your workspace. In this session, I will show a demo of working with Azure ML. Audience will learn how a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning solution comes to life: From the creation of a workspace, to the preparation of data, to experimentation with machine learning algorithms, choose the right algorithm, and then finally to the integration of predictive insights. This session will show how they can use Azure ML to as a data mining tools. They become familiar with all steps of creating a prediction scenario from importing data, cleaning it, choosing the right algorithm, how evaluate the result, executing R code, and so forth.

Accompanying Material

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