WHERESCAPE: Data Warehouse Automation with WhereScape

Douglas Barrett
60 minutes
Business Intelligence
From your first project in data warehousing it becomes obvious: it is ripe for agile development to engage with the business, automation to save time and metadata to generate documentation. This session is an introduction to data warehouse automation with WhereScape - come and learn how far can automation go in building & documenting your data warehouse. Hand coding can all but be eliminated. This session will include a demonstration of WhereScape 3D & RED - data warehouse automation tools – building high quality data warehouses leveraging the native features of SQLServer (2008- 2014). RED is used by very large companies around the world - to small/medium sized ones, accelerating delivery and documentation. No other toolset can beat it. Better than that though is engagement with business units during development, ensuring that the data warehouse development is correctly prioritized, relevant and up to date.

Accompanying Material

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