CISCO: Lowering IT Complexity, Addressing SQL Server Management C

John McAbel
SQL Server DBAs face a wide range of IT and management challenges today. The ability to enforce best practices, ensure automatic back up for key data, and an ability to rapidly reallocate system resources “on the fly” to meet time critical business objectives are just a few of the day to day headaches they are asked to address. Looking ahead the impending end of support of SQL Server 2005, continued business growth, and the possibility of hosting workloads in private, hybrid, and public clouds bring forth additional challenges. Cisco has been at the forefront of addressing these concerns with a revolutionary system design that combines server, network, and storage, while separating individual workloads from specific server components and driving industry leading performance. Expanding UCS solutions with key partner and Cisco technologies have lead Cisco to become the market leader for x86 blades. Please take 45 minutes to learn why thousands of SQL Server customers are choosing Ci

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