PowerShell for the Reluctant Administrator

Pat Phelan
Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
You've heard many people claim that PowerShell is fabulous, but you've never really felt the need for it. What's all the fuss? What is PowerShell and why should you even care, much less learn it? How will this new toy make your work easier? This session will help you understand what PowerShell is, how it integrates into the tools you know and love, and how it can help make your everyday work go faster and more smoothly. Along with the background on PowerShell, you'll see some simple but useful tools and ideas for how you can use those tools and make your own tools too. This session was designed for the non-PowerShell user and the new PowerShell user. It is intended to help people start to use PowerShell, and it will touch on advanced ideas but only assumes only basic scripting/coding experience like understanding a variable, a loop, etc.

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