The Plan Cache Whisperer: Performance Tuning SQL Server

Jason Strate
Database Development & Tuning
Execution plans tell SQL Server how to execute queries. If you listen closely, execution plans can also tell you when performance-tuning opportunities exist in your environment. By listening to your queries, you can understand how SQL Server is operating and gain insight into how your environment is functioning. In this session, learn how to use XQuery to browse and search the plan cache, enabling you to find potential performance issues and opportunities to tune your queries. In addition, learn how a performance issue on a single execution plan can be used to find similar issues on other execution plans, enabling you to scale up your performance tuning effectiveness. You can use this information to help reduce issues related to parallelism, shift queries from using scans to using seek operations, or discover exactly which queries are using which indexes. All this and more is readily available through the plan cache.

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