Daily problems with indexing and its - possible - solution

Uwe Ricken
60 minutes
Have you ever been in the situation that an application performed well the last day and - suddenly - you run into problems? Although you have Index Maintenance jobs and statistics up to date you will monitor a big degrade of performance! This session will demonstrate in a over 80 percent demo based presentation the following scenarios which happend this way in real life! - Why performance degradation in spite of maintenance jobs? - just one more database in the result set and the query runs really bad - why? - usage of literals is completely different from the usage of variables - why? - identical data types but the query runs in part perfect and in part bad... - your execution plan shows an INDEX SEEK - but the table will be scanned! - you get a query from the business which performs really bad but when you test it it runs pretty cool - why?

Accompanying Material

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