0x010D88DDB7DFE19AAD36D - Always Encrypted in SQL Server 2016

Regis Baccaro
60 minutes
As a principal consultant for one of the major provider of medicinal and patient data worldwide I am daily confronted with the problems encountered when dealing with patient data and sensitive information. Apart from the European legislation there are many hurdles in using and analyzing data containing information such as social security numbers, names and addresses, diagnosis and medicinal informations. SQL Server 2016 introduces Always Encrypted which provides a clean separation between those who own the data (and can view it) and those who manage the data (but should have no access). In this session we will have a look at different setups for Always Encrypted (Hybrid solutions, pure on-premises and 100% cloud based) as well as how to get started with it and what kind of encryption to apply. At the end of this session you will know about the Driver Process of Always Encrypted, how to set it up and how to deploy it and maintain it in on-premises, hybrids and cloud solutions.

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