SSRS - The Dark Side: Custom Rendering

David Conlan
60 minutes
BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration
For those with the time, programming expertise and willingness to get their hands dirty, Microsoft provides a mechanism to write your own custom rendering engine for SSRS in .NET. Whether you want to create an interactive, self-service dashboard or a mechanism for exporting to Open Document Format, David will talk you through the stages required to write and implement your own renderer. The first part of this session will focus on how reports are rendered. David will describe the Report Definition Language Specification and how to access the Report Object Model .NET API. However, creating an individual custom rendering engine is a mammoth task. Therefore the second part of of this presentation focuses on how to leverage Microsoft's existing HTML renderer to deliver enhanced reporting capabilities. By taking a short-cut you will be able deliver some quite impressive new features and breathe life back into those online reports.

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