SQL Server for Developers: Database is no dumping ground!

Application & Database Development
### !! Please note Pre-Conference sessions are available for an additional registration of £150+fees !! This is a PAID FOR session hosted by SQLSoton which you must have signed up and paid before you can attend. To view full details of this session & book please go to - ### In this pre-conference session we'll go over what every developer dealing with SQL Server and .Net has to know to be as effective and productive as possible. Because speed is important too, we'll also focus on areas where you as a developer can contribute most. We'll cover: - Basic normal forms, data structures and data types. - The query optimizer, workers and threads. - Isolation levels and locking. - Tips and tricks will teach you to write better queries. Diving into the .Net SqlClient will teach you some interesting database access features to make your programming easier Full session details at:

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