SSIS: Design principles for robust ETL processes

Speaker: Rafael Salas

Duration: 60 minutes

Track: BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration

Is the design of your ETL processes robust?  Does your ETL process keep you awake at night?

Data integration is still the most common point of failure of data centric projects and choosing a mature ETL tool, such as SSIS, is not enough.  In many cases this is due to improper planning and the use of questionable design principles. During this session we will look at ETL processes from a holistic point of view to identify key areas that are often neglected and that have the potential to affect the system reliability and increase its maintenance cost. We will use SSIS to evaluate key ETL architecture areas - such as re-start ability, monitoring, error handling, among others- and discuss design principles you can use to improve the architecture of your ETL processes going forward. You will find the session valuable regardless of you level of expertise in ETL.

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